Trane Comfort Specialist

What it Means to Be a Trane Comfort Specialist

Trane is a big name in HVAC — Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning — and with good reason. Trane provides residential and commercial HVAC services through 104 manufacturing centers in 28 countries throughout the world. And as one of the biggest names in AC systems, they stand behind their products all the way to your home by training and certifying HVAC installers and repair contractors in how to work on their system.

We at Adam’s Air Conditioning and Heating in Port Saint Lucie are proud to be Trane Comfort Specialists, and we’ll tell you why:

Reliability: It’s Hard to Stop a Trane

People prize reliability in their air conditioners, and doubly so here in Florida, where air conditioning is a must-have for surviving the summer heat. Trane is frequently listed as one of the most reliable air conditioning systems by survey and review, with such accolades as “America’s Most Trusted HVAC System” by Lifestory Research. The reason is simple: Trane doesn’t let the rest of the industry decide how they make their AC units. Evaporator coils, for example, are typically the most likely parts of an AC system to break. But Trane’s evaporator coils are seen as another point of strength in the design of their air conditioning units, with far fewer defects and longer lifespans when compared to other brands. This makes our job of maintaining and repairing them a breeze.

Vast Selection of Heating and Cooling Solutions

Trane works with residential and commercial facilities to provide a wide range of HVAC products to fit the cooling needs of any space. Trane provides not only the usual HVAC equipment, but also a variety of systems; geothermal, packaged (all-in-one), and ductless. They even do pool heating services, taking their talents past the indoor realm. As HVAC installers, this means that there’s a high-quality Trane solution for nearly every situation we could encounter on a job site.

Extensive HVAC Training

Good products would be nothing without trained and talented specialists to install them and provide the maintenance necessary to keep them up and running in the harshest Florida months. Our Trane Comfort Specialists are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified, using a knowledge-based test to ensure that specialists know everything they need to know in order to service your HVAC needs. It’s another part of their commitment to excellence that attracted us to them as suppliers.

Committed to the Community

Trane takes its dedication to the community to the next level with its work within the community. For example, Trane sponsored a golf tournament in Texas to raise money for a children’s hospital. The golf tournament consisted of Trane executives, specialists, and other employees who came out for the day to raise money for a good cause. This type of community involvement is present across all of Trane’s locations. The company believes in not only providing quality HVAC services but also in maintaining their ethical responsibility to the communities they serve — one more thing we have in common!

Contact a Trane Comfort Specialist here at Adam’s Air Conditioning and Heating today for more information about how we will strive to exceed your needs!