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Is Your air conditioning Making You Sick?

We think of our air conditioning systems as providers of clean, fresh temperature-controlled air, as well we should. We pay good money to purchase quality units, install them, maintain them and pay for the power to operate them. Certainly all this effort and expense toward increasing personal comfort and addressing our health couldn’t be harmful, could it?

Well, at Adam’s Air Conditioning and Heating, we’re not fond of alarming people. We understand that some folks are of a mind that the air quality in their home is “just fine.” Some people drink unfiltered water straight from the tap too. But for a lot of our customers, especially those who suffer with allergies or other breathing maladies or who have small children, the quality of air inside their home or business is important.

When air conditioners and ductwork are allowed to accumulate dirt, dust, mold, mildew, fungus, oxidation and other contaminants often facilitated by fire, pest infestation, high humidity or flooding, non-use, and just plain old age, they become breeding grounds for all sorts of indoor airborne pollution, from unpleasant odor to bacteria and other biological nastiness capable of compromising health. These microorganisms can lead to all sorts of breathing problems including infectious pneumonia and Legionnaire’s disease. Airborne spores also may settle and multiply throughout the home and cause mold and fungus damage in drywall, closets and behind baseboards, etc.

Fortunately, there is a solution, and it starts with an inspection by the pros at Adam’s Air Conditioning and Heating. Call us and schedule an inspection today.