Duct Cleaning

It’s easy to overlook the parts of your air-conditioning/heating system that you don’t see: the ductwork. Yet your air ducts are an important integral part of your system because they’re responsible for carrying that clean, cold air into your home or commercial building during summer and warm air during winter. Have your ductwork inspected for dirt, mold and leaks by an Adam’s technician while he’s servicing your system. It’s free! We can also send an Adam’s technician to your property solely to inspect your air ducts, which is also FREE!

Your ducts should always be free of contaminants that can become airborne and promote indoor air pollution, which can become a health concern—especially for allergy sufferers, senior residents and newborns. At Adam’s Air Conditioning in Port St. Lucie, we highly recommend an inspection by one of our certified technicians. We’ll scope your AC ductwork for blockages and contaminants and measure operating pressure to check for air leaks.

While problems with ductwork for the first few years after a home or commercial building has been constructed or a new system installed are relatively rare, more than 4-5 years or so following installation is when we tend to see problems arise, including shifts in the foundation that can damage you air ducts, oxidation of the ductwork itself and contamination affecting indoor air quality. Homes that have experienced a fire, pest infestation, flooding or prolonged high humidity, or where the air conditioning system has been off or otherwise disabled for a lengthy period, as well as older homes in general are particularly susceptible to contaminated ducts.

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