Mini Splits

Would you like to be as comfortable in your garage or porch as you are in your home? Our ductless mini-split air conditioning and heat pump systems will cool and heat any area of your home efficiently. We supply all the top trusted manufacturers such as Trane, Amana, Carrier, Goodman, Daikin, Arco-Aire, York, Ruud, Rheem and many others!

Ductless mini split air conditioners have great potential residential and commercial applications. The most common use of mini splits, however, are as an aftermarket climate control solution for homeowners who spend time enough on their porch or in their garage, for example, or any room in the home without existing air conditioning, to warrant adding it. Mini splits can also be a fine choice for room additions, small apartments, mother-in-law suites and more, where extending or installing new ductwork for an existing central air conditioning is not possible, viable or cost-effective.

Like central systems, mini splits have an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit. However, the entire concept including installation is typically much simpler than with a new central air conditioning purchase and install or upgrading an existing central system to accommodate a previously non-climate-controlled room. Advantages of mini splits include their small size, zoning flexibility and ease of installation. Because mini splits have no ductwork, they also avoid the energy losses associated with central systems that push air through long mazes of ducts—energy losses that can sometimes reach as high as 30% of the total cost to control the climate in a room or home.

If you’re considering a room addition or converting a previously non-climate-controlled room or area of your home or business to one with air conditioning, don’t hesitate to contact Adam’s Air Conditioning about our mini split systems, and the earlier in the process, the better. While we can install a ductless mini split at any stage of conversion, with our design consultation help prior to demolition or construction, we might be able to help you save considerable costs.

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