Control Your Air Conditioner On The Move

By: Adam's Air Conditioning Date: 2016-07-11

While Wi-Fi-controlled thermostats may seem like a luxury or even a novelty, they actually make great practical sense. A Wi-Fi thermostat gives you the ability to control your homes temperature from anywhere in the world .... as long as you have internet signal of course!

Wi-Fi thermostats allow you to monitor and control your air conditioning system remotely via any device with access to the Internet, be it a smart phone, lap top or tablet, etc. Because you can control your system remotely, if there's a sudden cold snap or warming wave while you're away on vacation, you have the power to react in the palms of your hands.

The ability to always be in control is one thing, but Wi-Fi thermostats also help you to save a pretty penny on your power bill too! Sound interesting? Give Adam's Air Conditioning a call and we'll explain your options. Depending on age and condition, most climate control systems can be retrofitted with a Wi-Fi-controlled thermostat quite quickly and cost-effectively.