System Freeze-Up

Ever see a white sheet of ice behind your air filter or otherwise on the coils of your air conditioner? Although it’s not uncommon, especially during the heat of summer, it shouldn’t happen even just one time. A buildup of ice is an indication that you have a Freon leak, a very dirty air filter or another potentially expensive problem with your system. If it happens (and you’ll likely experience a dramatic reduction in cold air coming out of your vents) shut down your system in order to defrost it—which will take 4 to 12 hours depending on the severity of the freeze-up—and call Adam’s.

We can likely remedy your situation in just one quick visit. Or, if your system is getting up there in age, we’ll do what we can to make you comfortable in the short term in order to begin the discussion of possibly replacing your air conditioning unit. New systems are far more efficient than those of even just 10 years ago. You’ll save in power bills and you’ll stay comfortable over the long haul without having to endure problems and breakdowns at the worst possible time.

By Adam's Air Conditioning 02.12.2016
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