System Freeze-Up

Ever see a white sheet of ice behind your air filter or otherwise on the coils of your air conditioner? Although it’s not uncommon, especially during the heat of summer, it shouldn’t happen even just one time. A buildup of ice is an indication... Read More

By Adam's Air Conditioning 02.05.2016
  • Maintenance

Saving Power

Staying cool this time of year requires lowering your thermostat, which also requires lots of power to maintain those temperatures. And that can get expensive! Depending on a number of factors including your system, the size of your home and quali... Read More

By Adam's Air Conditioning 01.06.2016
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Sharing The AC

There are always disputes over space and resources as we live together -- that's human nature. But we all have to learn to share, especially with our roommates, and even with something as behind-the-scenes as your air conditioner.

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By Adam's Air Conditioning 01.02.2017
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Smart Homes Of The Future

Smart homes are houses that have appliances, climate control, security systems, entertainment systems, even cooking/food devices and more, connected and controllable from both within and without the home.

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By Adam's Air Conditioning 01.03.2017
  • Systems

Planting Trees To Cut Your Climate Control Costs

Trees can be great for natural shade, which can dramatically cool down your home, or even allow it to be warmed during the winter, if properly planned.

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By Adam's Air Conditioning 26.04.2017
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How Your Smartphone Can Lower Your HVAC Bill

Your smartphone can help you control and even lower the amount of money you spend on energy bills. There are a lot of amazing apps which are designed for homeowners who want to know exactly what they spend, how much they spend and how to lower the... Read More

By Adam's Air Conditioning 28.04.2017
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Common AC Myths That Are Costing You Money

In this post we discuss some the common AC myths that could be costing you money.

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By Adam's Air Conditioning 16.06.2017
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Most Likely Parts To Fail In A Commercial AC Unit And Why

In this post we discuss the most common parts that fail in commercial HVAC units.

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By Adam's Air Conditioning 15.08.2017
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